The Visual Archive

Critical Thinking and Making — Spring  2024

Week 8 | Field School


We will meet in front of David Zwirner (525 W 19th) at 12.45pm and visit the galleries below. Field School will be a mix of shared and individual exploration—leaving room for you to visit the gallery of your choice. We will end at Printed Matter (231 11th Ave) with time to look at experimental publications or additional exhibitions.


Field School Observations:

  • Before we go, click through the galleries/exhibitions and find things that resonate with you.
  • Bring a camera/phone and make sure you document the day, including the work inside the galleries and things you come across on your way.
  • Focus on the methodologies of the artists. For example, what would their instructions be if they gave you an assignment to create the next ten images for your archive?
  • At home, look at all images and select the ones (5-10) that speak to your research inquiry (directly or indirectly) and add them to your research document.
  • Add a short paragraph to describe how these are meaningful to your research process.
Pipilotti Rist @ Hauser & Wirth
Pipilotti Rist @ Hauser & Wirth

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