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Critical Thinking and Making — Spring  2024

WEEK 7 | Archive ⇄ Typology

A typology is a classification according to a general type or attribute. Through the lens of your research inquiry, identify one attribute to create an archive of at least 12 recordings. The shared attribute can be found within the “subject” (form, color, size, …) or the recording methodology (stencil printing, photographed from a specific perspective, material rubbings).


Reading & Watching

Making: Experiment 4 — Typology

  • Come up with three ideas for your typology following the definition above.
  • Illustrate your ideas with visual material—your own or found—in your research document.
    (This is not mandatory for the first class after spring break.)

Additional References

Exhibition at the MET, 2022
Using a large-format view camera, the Bechers methodically recorded blast furnaces, winding towers, grain silos, cooling towers, and gas tanks with precision, elegance, and passion. Their rigorous, standardized practice allowed for comparative analyses of structures that they exhibited in grids of between four and thirty photographs. They described these formal arrangements as “typologies” and the buildings themselves as “anonymous sculpture.”  
Karel Martens, Untitled, 2012
Letterpress monoprint on found card, 148 x 210 mm, Unique (KM2012-05)
Christian Marclay’s photogram, @Fraenkel

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