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Critical Thinking and Making — Spring  2024

WEEK 2 | Archive ⇄ Narrative

“Seeing per se means thinking about the world and this actually takes place on different levels at the same time,” says Wolfgang Tillmans in an interview for Fondation Beyeler.
     Reflecting on his artistic approach, Arthur Jafa has said that he’s “driven by an impulse to consolidate things that were there, but were dispersed.” (Triple Canopy)
     This week we will expand from one object to 12 images that tell a story. How important are order, sequence, and arrangement?


Reading & Watching

  • Charles and Ray Eames:
    Powers of Ten
  • Wolfgang Tillmans:
    Interview Fondation Beyeler
  • Arthur Jafa:
    APEX @MoMA (graphic content)
  • Research for people who think they rather create, Vis Dirk, pp 25-31.
  • Read all peer responses to the archive screening (you will find them in the week 2 folder).


  • After reading all peer responses, reach out to at least one of your peer students in an email. You can share a thought, inspiration, ask a question, (…). The content of the message will NOT be shared in class but please cc me (ONLY) on your first email so I can see you initiated a conversation.
  • Select one object from your PECHA KUCHA and find 11 related images. These can be found images, your own, or a mix. Print these 12 images. 4×6 inch (landscape or portrait). We will use them in class for a workshop—don’t select images you feel uncomfortable sharing.
  • After watching/reading this week’s articles, look at your images and come up with ten ways to give them an order. This can be based on content, form, or speculation. Write down each way of organizing as a one-line instruction and add them to the shared document “Visual Narrative” in the week 3 folder of our google drive.

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