The Visual Archive

Critical Thinking and Making — Fall  2023

Week 13 — Archive ⇄ Context

Your Final Archive
Your final archive must include:
(1) at least 100 records (images, visuals);
(2) each record needs to have a caption;
(3) your introduction of at least 500 words incorporating references to at least two sources (articles, books, or the works of artists/designers that have served as inspiration for your project).

Prepare for November 30:
→ Prototype
Create a prototype (mock-up) of your final archive. If you are working on a printed publication, present a few sample pages; for those developing a digital archive, showcase select screens; and if your project involves an exhibition, display sketches outlining the spatial experience. Make sure that the prototype includes some of your final recordings—or representations of what you anticipate your records will resemble, including captions. This will be the last opportunity to receive peer-feedback before the final production.

→ Draft Introduction
Use the questions collected in the document “week 13 — Introduction” in our shared google drive to think about your project. These questions encourage reflection on the purpose, context, and history, as well as methods, techniques, dissemination, and audience considerations. As you respond, integrate references to two sources, such as articles, books, or works of artists or designers that have served as inspiration for your project. Weave these elements into a cohesive text spanning 500 words. Not all questions may be relevant based on the direction your final archive has taken.

“Archiving a second”
#oneSecond by Philipp Adrian. Visualizing 5522 Tweets within the same Second.
“Archiving a building”
concept by Sion Riley

Updated schedule:
11/23 Fall Break
11/30 Archive Prototype Workshop (in class)
12/7 Studio Week
12/14 Finals

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