The Visual Archive

Critical Thinking and Making — Spring  2023

WEEK 13/14 | Research⇄Making⇄Introduction

→ Studio Week
Next week is studio week: use the (class-) time to develop your final archive. You are required, however, to meet me for a quick check-in on Thursday. Please sign up for a time using the spreadsheet in our google drive folder, week 13.

To make up for the class I missed at the beginning of the semester, you can email me to schedule an additional individual meeting anytime between now and the final presentation. This is entirely optional!

→ Introduction
Also, write an introduction to your archive using the guiding questions in the HOW-TO document provided in the same folder. Your final introduction should be about one page. Create a new google doc in the folder week 13 with your introduction on or before May 3rd.

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