The Visual Archive

Critical Thinking and Making — Spring  2022

WEEK 13/14 | Introduction ⇄ Research & Making Week

→ Prepare for 4/28

(1) Write an introduction to your archive. You will find guiding questions in the document “Archive Introduction” in the folder “week 12” on google drive. Your introduction should be less than a page at this point (it can be as long as you want it to be in its final version) and bring two printed copies to class.

(2) Update your prototype: prepare a mock-up of your final archive. Will you circulate your archive as a book, a website, or an exhibition? Bring sketches, digital collages, and everything that helps explain your plan. As a reminder, your final archive needs to have 100 records with captions (we will discuss how that translates to your project), and it needs to include the introduction.

→ Week 5/5

Next week will be a Research & Making Week—use it to finalize your project. Yet I am asking everyone to get in touch once during the week to update me on the progress. There are three options:
(1) Come to class as usual, and we will organize a smaller casual group critique session;
(2) Send me an email to request a zoom call; or
(3) Send me an email with questions and/or progress.

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