The Visual Archive

Critical Thinking and Making — Fall  2023

WEEK 4 | Archive ⇄ Space Experiment 2: Urban Collage

While you are defining your individual research inquiry we will explore experimental ways of visual form-making. These methodologies can inspire the visual direction of your final archive project.
     This week’s experiment takes you out in the streets (if that is safe for you) for field studies and footage gathering.

→ Asynchronous
Read, Watch, Write

→ Experiment 2: Urban Type Collages. Find the password on Canvas.
→ Scott McCloud. Understanding Comics, Chapter 5, pp 118-137.
→ Principles of Visual Language. Kennedy Art Center.
Beautiful (Then Gone). A short documentary on the work and life of San Francisco designer, Martin Venezky. (14min)

Experiment 2 — Urban (Type) Collage
(It is ok to not include type)
Print and crop your collages for class!

→ Step 1 Identify
Based on your research inquiry, decide for a physical location near to you. A street, a building, a corner, a park, a room, (…)

→ Step 2 Observe
Take a camera (mobile phone) and and spend at least two hours at your location. As a visual journalist, study the environment from different perspectives (zoom in, zoom out) and take pictures of lines & shapes, positive and negative spaces, patterns & textures, and typography & letters. 

→ Step 3 Create
Tutorial: Using Photoshop to create the Urban Type Collages. Get the password from Canvas.
Use your images to create 7 collages each of them using one of the “Principles of Visual Language” as a guiding method.
1. 7×7 inches, black on white only.
2. Apply the demonstrated method combining: Image>Adjustment>Threshold and “Multiply” layers.
3. Take into consideration how your seven compositions become a series to represent the same inquiry in different ways. 
4. Upload to google drive, week 5, “Urban Collages”.
Print and crop your collages for class, write the princple and caption on the back.

→ Martin Venezky’s work in the letterform archive.
→ Appetite Engineers Promotion

Updated Schedule
→ 9/28 Archive ⇄ Space. Urban Collage workshop in class
→ 10/5 Archive ⇄ Time. Individual meetings on Zoom

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