The Visual Archive

Critical Thinking and Making — Fall  2021

WEEK 12 | Preface/ Introduction

Updated schedule:
11/11 Archive Pitch
11/18 Introduction Workshop (remote)
11/25 Fall Break
12/2 Small Groups (remote)
12/9 Studio Week
12/16 Finals

→ Prepare for 11/18

(1) Write an introduction to your archive. You will find guiding questions in the document “Archive Introduction” in the folder week 12. Your introduction should have 200 to 400 words and must be uploaded to the week 12 folder on or before Tuesday, NOV 16th, 6pm. This will allow your peers to read it before Thursday’s class. We will work in small groups, which I will share on Tuesday—you only have to read the introductions of your group members.

(2) Update your prototype: prepare a mock-up of your final deliverable. Will you circulate your archive as a book, a website, an exhibition? Bring sketches, digital collages, and everything that helps explain your plan.

“Archiving a second”
#oneSecond by Philipp Adrian. Visualizing 5522 Tweets within the same Second.
“Archiving a building”
concept by Sion Riley

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