The Visual Archive

Critical Thinking and Making — Fall  2021

WEEK 9 | Field School

We will meet in front of Dia Chelsea (537 W 22nd St) at 12.30 to kick off the afternoon and listen to introductions. Due to COVID restrictions, we will visit galleries in small groups or individually and regather at 2 pm in front of Printed Matter (231 11th Ave).

Lucy Raven
Dia Chelsea, 537 W 22nd St

Rob Pruitt
303 Gallery, 555 W 21 St

Marie Tomanova
C24, 560 W 24th St

Tacita Dean: Pantone Pairs
Analia Saban: Line to Thread
Gemini, 535 West 24th, 3rd floor

Leonardo Drew
Pace Prints, 521 W 26th, 4th floor

Endre Tót
Printed Matter, 231 11th Ave

→ Before we go, click through the galleries/exhibitions and find things that resonate with you.
→ Bring a camera/phone and make sure you document the day, including the work inside the galleries and things you come across on your way.
→ Focus on the methodologies of the artists. What would their instructions be if they would give you an assignment to create the next ten images for your archive?
→ At home, retake a look at all images and select the ones that speak to your research inquiry (directly or indirectly) and arrange them on a letter size document.
→ Add a short paragraph to describe in which way these are meaningful to your research process.
→ Export and upload to google drive week 9, “Field School Observations.”

Rob Pruitt
A Month of Desert Sunsets (December 2020)
2021, at 303 Gallery
Pantone Pair (7737), 2019,
at Gemini G.E.L. Gallery

Additional exhibitions recommended or suggested by your peers (not in Chelsea):

Baseera Khan: I Am an Archive
Brooklyn Museum

Miriam Gallery & Bookshop
319 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg

Drift: Fragile Future
The Shed

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