The Visual Archive

Critical Thinking and Making — Spring  2021

WEEK 14 & 15 | Individuals & Final Presentation

Week 14 — April 29
Individual Studio

We will use week 14 for individual studio visits to finalize your archive project. Sign up for a slot in the spreadsheet in folder week 14 or send me an email to arrange a time&date outside of the list.
     Send me an email with your final archive introduction on or before April 27, in an editable format (word, google doc, pages).

→ Final Deliverable
Your final archive must include:

1 — At least 100 records (images, visuals);
2 — Each record needs to have a caption;
3 — Your introduction needs to be integrated.

The archive needs to be presented as a “camera-ready mock-up” for both print or screen based projects. Since you might not have access to printing facilities you can use tools to visualize your design (e.g. the free options on If you are developing for screen your mock-up should clearly communicate the user experience but it does not have to be a fully functional application.
Of course, if you can, you are more than welcome to develop the actual archive.

Week 15 — May 6
Final Presentation

For our final presentation on May 6, prepare the following deck/slides. Presentations should not be longer than 5 minutes to allow short peer feedback.

Your Name, Your N-number, Title of your Archive.
1-2 images of a class experiment that were most inspirational to you. This could also come out of peer instructions.
1-2 images of a second class experiment that was inspirational to you. This could also come out of peer instructions.
A short abstract that introduces your archive. Up to 3 sentences.
Who is your audience and what insights will they gain?
Process Images
—8-14 —
A series of slides showing your final implementation. Make sure to have a variety of close ups and wide shots.
—15— Conclusion/Reflection: What did you learn? What is the question you take away from this?

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