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Critical Thinking and Making — Fall  2020

WEEK 12/14 | Prototype Iterations —— WEEK 13 |Fall Break

November 19
Individual Meetings
Make sure to sign up for a meeting time. The schedule can be found in our google drive week 12.

Asynchronous Activity:
Friday, Nov 13, 4 – 5pm
CD Field Trip (zoom)
Letterform Archive Tour
Details in the CD APP
There will be a recording.

Prepare the following for the individual meetings:
     (1) Use the feedback from the presentations this week to update your prototype. Use at least 12 records & captions to design a mock-up of the final archive.
     (2) Write an introduction to your archive. You will find guiding questions in the document “Archive Introduction” in the folder week 12. Your introduction should have 200 to 400 words and needs to be uploaded to the week 12 folder on or before Wednesday, Nov 18, noon.

December 3
Small Group Meetings
I will create small groups based on your research inquiry. Look out for an email after the individuals on Nov 19.

(1) Designing Programs
Enact two instructions: one that has been randomly assigned to you during class and one that you are free to choose.
     Upload your visual documentation to the appropriate folder within the week 14 folder. Also, while you are enacting the instructions think about ways to improve it. What is unclear? What could be added? Write down your thoughts and add them to your visual documentation (on an extra page)

(1) Prototyping your archive
Keep developing your archive. We will look at your prototypes during these group sessions.

Archiving a moment:
Julie Héneault: The Wereld, 2013 “Zwarte Strepen” Interview @GRAFIK

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