The Visual Archive

Critical Thinking and Making

WEEK 12 | Visual Essay

1 → Manifesto/Visual Essay (Project B)
Prepare the following steps for your visual essay:

→ Proposal: One paragraph about content and media channel: a book, a series of posters, an artist publication, (…)

→ Moodboard: Collect things that have the look and feel you will be going for. Arrange them into a digital collage (1600 X 1200 pixels) and upload to google drive before class.

→ Prototype: Use 1 to 5 images to create a quick prototype of your visual essay. This is the first sketch and it can be simple. It should be in the medium of your final work.

2 →  Inventory (Project A)
Continue the work. Use at least 25 pictures

3 → Expanding the Archive (optional)
Enact one more program developed by a peer?

Ellen Jonsson and Irene Albino: </unravel;> It’s Nice That

ASTRONOMICAL – The Movie from Mishka Henner on Vimeo.
Our solar system in twelve volumes. The width of each page is a million kilometers. On page 1 the Sun, on page 6,000 Pluto.

Manifesto by Julian Rosefeldt

Volume-No-3 by kristine Kawakubo (make sure to look at the other projects too)

Anissa”s Book by London-based studio proud

#oneSecond by Philipp Adrian. Visualizing 5522 Tweets within the same Second.

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