The Visual Archive

Critical Thinking and Making

WEEK 9 | Designing Programs

1 → Expanding the Archive
Develop a program (set of instructions) that can guide somebody else to develop new entries to the visual archive. It can be inspired by the methodology of an artist/designer, by a book you read or anything else (or just be your idea). Use the template provided in google drive. You can either enact your own or the ‘Typographic Systems” program for next week. Bring the outcome and printed instructions to our individual meeting next week.
→ Reading for this week: Designing Programs by Karl Gerstner (excerpt in google folder).

2 →  Inventory (Project A)
Develop a simple prototype for your Inventory. A prototype is a simple mock-up of the final product to see which elements work and which don’t. This can be sketched, hand-made, printed… Don’t develop this too far we just want to get your idea.

3 → Manifesto/Visual Essay (Project B)
Come up with a list of ten things you want to include in your manifesto. You can narrow this down later.
Dogme 95
De Stijl
First Things First (1964)
Yvonne Rainer’s “No Manifesto”
Print (source not confirmed)

Designing Programmes by Karl Gerstner: More images on Page-Spread

Monograph Review in eye magazine

Think program: Synopsis of the exhibition “designing programs/programming designs” by Karl Gerstner.

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