The Visual Archive

Critical Thinking and Making

WEEK 8 | Field School

We will meet at 12.30 in front of David Zwirner Gallery, 533 W 19th. Read the instructions in the right column before we meet. Below is the itinerary and your assignment:

Introduction to the work of Roy DeCarava (2 min)

Take us to David Zwirner on 20th, 537 West 20th
Introduction to the work of Annie Albers (2 min)

Take us to 303 Gallery, 555 W 21st
Introduction to the work of Jeppe Hein (2 min)

Take us to to Gagosian 522 W 21st
Introductions to the work of Richard Serra (1) (2) (2 min)

Take us to to MILES MCENERY, 520 West 21st
Introduction to the work of Patrick Wilson (2 min)

Take us to Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, 521 West 21st
Introduction to the work of Sarah Sze (2 min)

take us to Gagosian (2), 555 West 24th

take us to Pace Gallery, 540 West 25th
Introduction to the work of Calder (2 min)

Take us to printed Printed Matter and tell us what this place is.

Sarah Sze@ Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

Field Trip
→ Before we go, click through the galleries / exhibitions and find the things you are most curious about.
→ Bring a camera / phone and make sure you document the day including the work inside the galleries but also things you come across in between.
→ Focus on the methodologies of the artists. If they would give you an assignment to create the next 10 images for your archive, what would their instructions be?
→ At home, take a look at all images again and select the ones that speak to your research inquiry (directly or indirectly) and add them to your digital archive
→ Also collect printed matter for your visual diary book.
Introductions to the work should not be longer than two minutes.

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