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WEEK 5/6 | Material Culture

→ Because of the Festival Of The New we will not be meeting on Oct 3. I will check in individually with you via email. Make sure you submit your Research Sheet on or before Wed, Oct 2 (see below).

For Oct 10:
Urban Lab Experiment 2
Traces of the Everyday

→ Step 1 — Observe 
Use pencil and paper to create rubbings of surfaces or things related to your research inquiry.

→ Step 2 — Animate
Use these rubbings to create an animated gif in Photoshop.
Frames: at least 10
Color: black and white
Dimensions: free, stay below 1000px

→ Step 3 — Share 
Upload the gif to our google drive.

Urban Lab Experiment 3
Found Objects

→ Step 1
“Browse” :
“See how you feel” by David Gibbs
“Triangle” by Bruno Munari
Fill in the Research Sheet template (google drive). Make a copy of the google doc, add your content, download as PDF and send it in an email to Pascal on or before Wed, Oct 2.

→ Step 2 — Prepare
Collect Material. For the next experiment we will use found objects and print on them. Start collecting printed matter that crosses your way: flyers, poster, newspaper, magazines, cheap books from STRAND…. Try to find things that fit your research topic but also allow randomness.
What??? → See examples in right column.

→ Bring your Laptop to class on Oct 10

Oskar Fischinger: Kreise (excerpt) Realized with  GasparColorStudie Nr 8. More about Fischinger on CenterForVisualMusic

Viking Eggeling: Symphonie Diagonale. Paper cut-outs and tin foil figures were photographed a frame at a time. More information about Eggeling on MonoskopMore about Eggeling and his work


Texture Rubbing Collection Sheet by OLIVIA SUH
City Rubbings by Alexis Williams
Rubbings from Rose City by Christopher Gossett
Rock Drawings by Richard Long Concept

Animated Gifs
Examples: 1 2 3 4 5

Found Objects
Occupied Mono
Karel Martens
jekyll & hyde

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