The Visual Archive

Critical Thinking and Making


Design 3 Mini-Zines using the one-page folding instructions. Each Zine has 8 pages and a poster on the back.
You can use as many pictures as you want for each zine but they have to come out of your visual archive. You can crop and edit the images. Feel free to add new images to your archive but they have to be yours!

In case this is your first semester at Parsons, it might be enough of a challenge to create the digital files and get them actually printed. If this is your senior year, think about paper you always wanted to work with or even experiment with a printing technology that is new to you (e.g. our risograph).

Zine 1
Images are organized by formal aspects.

Zine 2
Images are organized by content.

Zine 3
Read “Beatrice Warde (1932) Printing Should Be Invisible [printed 1937]” (find it in our shared google drive)
Use text from this reading—letters, words, sentences, or full paragraphs—and create a narrative with these excerpts and selected images.

→ Also bring your Visual Diary book.

The Typographische Monatsblätter was one of the most important journals to successfully disseminate the phenomenon of ‘Swiss typography’ to an international audience. This is less about the typography but about the sequencing of covers.

→ Additional Introduction to the grid:
Ellen Lupton explains the history and usage of the grid
An Introduction to Grids and How-to by Andrew Maher

→ More inspiration

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