The Visual Archive

Critical Thinking and Making

WEEK 2 | 10 Visuals, 20 seconds each.

For each of your 10 images, find another 9. That gives you 100 images related to your research inquiry. 10 images out of your 100 need to be your own!

Out of your 100 images, print:
24 images size 4×3 inches
3 images 8×6 inches

You are free to choose which images you print and you can use the provided templates but don’t have to. Make sure to crop all images. Don’t edit them yet. Use them as found.

We are still at an early phase. You can change topic, images, ideas, perspectives whenever you want.

→ READ these two articles:
1—”Fuck Content” by Michael Rock
https://2× (scroll down)
2—”Grid Systems” by Josef Mueller-Brockmann, pp10-12
Find it in our google drive.

Inspired by the readings, come up with 10 ways to organize 24 pictures. Don’t do it! Write them down in single-line instructions and add these to the google doc “Instructions” in the folder week 2. Your instructions can be based on content or form.

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