week 10 | Explore New Microhabitats

Itinerary for Tuesday Nov 10:

Meet: 4.15pm at 10th Ave & 23th Street
North/West Corner (next to The Half King)

Stephen Wilkes “Day to Night”
MicroHabitats & collective memory
Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, 505 W 24th Street
Artist’s Website
Read on NY Art Beat

Robert Rauschenberg
“Anagrams, Arcadian Retreats, Anagrams (A Pun)”

Fragmented and re-composed MicroHabitats
Pace Gallery, 534 W 25th Street
Bio on Guggenheim
Read on NY Art Beats

Jil Weinstock “Things Arranged Neatly”
Collecting & Preserving
Winston Wachter, 530 W 25th Street
Gallery Press Release
Read on NY Art Beat
(Prep: Meijun Li)

((((( STOPOVER: Zhang Huan “Let there be light”
Pace Gallery, 510 W 25th Street )))))

Andy Goldsworthy “Leaning into the Wind”
Same subject—shifting habitats
Lelong Gallery, 528 W 26th Street
Artnet: Andy Goldsworthy
Gallery Press Release
Read on NY Art Beat
(Prep: Kristiana)

Printed Matter
231 11th Ave (26th Street)

First Cologne Blogs are online! See them on our other website:

Adrian Witzel

Max Mauro Schmid

Hanna Lisa Paul
Leah-Lilith Heeren
Philipp Naujoks

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