week 9 | Talk about it

Finalize your three MiniBooks.
Take 5-10 pictures to document them; one picture should show all three book covers (closed) and one picture should show all three posters. The rest should display your books in the best possible way including close-ups and spreads.
Record a video to introduce your three books. It should be between 60 sec and 120 sec. Start with the book you designed for your habitat, followed by the book designed with the pictures of one student in Hong Kong and finally the book that uses images from several blogs. Smartphone quality is all we need.
Upload images and video in a folder with your name to our shared google drive to the folder “08 MiniBook Final”.

Have your two proposals documented and be ready to talk about them.

Hong Kong Blogs:


ProudCreative a creatively-led, strategically minded, multidisciplinary design studio based in London

A great place to visit, browse and find inspiration (after checking out a few galleries in Chelsea…): Printed Matter


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