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Urban Biomes MiniBook
You are creating 3 MiniBooks with footage from your NY habitat and images from Hong Kong. Even though the content might be very different, think of them as a series that is visually connected. Most of you are already thinking in this direction.

MiniBook 1 DUE: 10/27
This documents your habitat in New York.
(Detailed description see week 4)

MiniBook 2 DUE: 11/3 or 11/10 (TBA)
This documents several habitats from Hong Kong. Based on your Mini Book 1 you selected images from across all HGK blogs.
(Detailed description see week 6)

MiniBook 3 DUE: 11/3 or 11/10 (TBA)
This documents one habitat of a student in Hong Kong. Only use images from one discreet blog and reach out to the student to get high quality images. You can keep the concept you used for the first two books but also consider a new perspective. Get inspired by the footage while considering the visual language and direction of your first two books.

Students in HK selected a student/blog which they want to work with. You find this in our google drive folder “07 Mini Book Hong Kong” and the link is also shared in an email.

It would be great if you would work with the images of the student who selected you. If more than one student selected your blog choose one of them. If nobody selected you, you are free to choose any student/blog. If you feel you wont be able to work with the images of the student who selected you, it is ok to change.

Please send me an email with the name of the student/blog you are going to work with on Monday 10/26.

Hong Kong Blogs:


The Process

This is only a documentation of the process in Hong Kong. You will find the final selection in our google drive.

This looks nice!

WAYWARD ARTS magazine. By Blok Design. Also look at the stuff on their site!

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