week 6 |CrossOver


Experiment 4: Urban Biomes MiniBook Final
Refine your design based on the critique in class. This will be the last iteration!

Experiment 5: Urban Biomes MiniBook CrossoverOne
Design a second Mini Book following your concept but use images from HK blogs.

The spreads should tell the same story just with different images. Let’s say your concept for the three spreads was “large > medium > small” look for images from HK that would visualize this. Also look for (one) image(s) from HK that fits this content for your cover/backcover and poster.

You can grab images from all blogs and mix them or use only one blog. Keep the names of the student/photographer and put them next to the image. These are online, low-res images so this booklet will be a mock-up version first.

Hong Kong Blogs:


The MicroHabitat of Claudia Jim
Hanging clothes is part of Hong Kong cityscape. From large quilts to towels, and even to underwears, Hong Kong people never hesitate to display their private live. The clothes float in the wind under sunlight, they are a part of my daily reflection of the city.

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