week 5 | rhythmanalysis


In class:
As a team, look at all Hong Kong Blogs and create a digital mood board with the published images that represents rhythm as you would imagine it in HGK. Consider cyclical and linear repetition and secret/public rhythms.

At home:
Experiment 4: Urban Biomes Publication 2

  1. Refine your design based on the critique in class.
  2. Bring to class:
    Print the MiniBook and bring it to class
    The pictures and text you used as footage (updated?)
  3. Upload a PDF with one (or more pictures) of your PsychoGeography map plus a one paragraph description to the folder 03 PSYCHOGEOGRAPHY in our shared google folder

You will find an excerpt of Rhythmanalysis. Space, Time and Everyday Life by HENRI LEFEBVRE in our readings folder. Read: The Critique of the Thing.

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