week 2 | Observation: Sense of place


Experiment 2: Sense of Place
Find a random place in the city: Walk ten blocks from your home. Follow the green traffic lights so you will not stop and your walk becomes random. The street crossing you arrive at after ten blocks is your place of study. Spend some time to experience “the identity” of the place. Read our text first – you can study the suggested dimensions in the article (Biophysical Setting, Psychological Elements, Sociocultural Elements and Political Elements) – you can also just breath in the experience. Do you feel it is a commercial place, a place to rest, is it annoying or peaceful? Could this place be part of your habitat or are there reasons to avoid it? What grabs your attention?

  1. Take a camera (or phone) to take pictures and record sounds.
  2. Create 3 collages that reduces the experience to simple shapes. I will demonstrate in class how to use the “threshold function” in combination with “multiplying layers” in a photo-editing tool to do this.
  3. There is a PDF with examples in our shared google folder.
  4. Format: 1280 × 720px, png
  5. Create a sound file that is not longer than 60 sec.
  6. Upload both to the Folder “Experiment 2: Sense of Place”.

Write: A 140 letter short description for your visual diary tumblr blog. What’s going on? Why are you doing this? How are you connected to this topic? The challenge is to keep it focused and short at this point.

Read: Toward an Interdisciplinary Understanding of Place, Nicole M. Ardoin, pages 112-118 (stop at “An Educational Framework” – or feel free to read the rest of the article)

The Economist: Sense of Place | Geography Matters

Photoshop Threshold

Photoshop Multiply Layers

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