A collective of elfs conquer museums in Berlin and Dortmund.

A collective of elfs – trapped in jars – is displayed in the context of the exhibition “Here Comes The Sun” this summer in Berlin and Dortmund. The exhibition explains the nature of the sun with various interactive installations suitable for visitors from 7 years on. This group of elfs was found and collected in a rough and rocky environment. For scientific reasons they are displayed in traditional jars to allow kids to understand their autonomic and light dependent nature. Visitors can activate them with flashlights and observe their movements for 3 months during the summer 2010. After that the group will be released – hopefully without being harmed by the young ‘thirsty-for-knowledge’ researcher group.
The exhibition “Here Comes The Sun” invites children to explore the power of the sun. Interactive installations, movies, animations and experiments demonstrate the importance of the sun and shows how we already use it in every day life. The exhibition is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and is a cooperation project of the Humboldt University Berlin and Neues Universum Berlin e.V.

mondo mio! – Kindermuseum im Westfalenpark,
Dortmund, 15. Juli bis 29. August 2010

Uferhallen Berlin
Uferstraße 8, 13357 Berlin, 6. September bis 31. Oktober 2010

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