From the 14.-17. of September 2010 we installed the 15 parasitic organisms on wall #4 at the IFI2 building of the University of Oslo.

We saw the building the first time, after we planned and produced the project with sketches of the building for 3 years. The architects of IFI2 combined cool and warm materials (metal, glas, oak and bricks) and merged architecture and nature. The building is integrated in a very small gap between older buildings of the campus.
We also saw the pattern in the wall structure the first time, since it was produced with our instructions by a special company in March 2010. Some leveling and cleaning of the vylene was necessary. Finally the mounting of the circuit boards was done with the help of specialists and a mobile stage. We had to wear helmets, working shoes and some plastic slippers to enter the building, which is still under construction.

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